Steve is driving home from work on a Monday evening, looking forward to a night at home in front of the TV, watching his favorite team play football. He’s invited some friends over, and should be home in time to get everything ready before they arrive. He pulls up to a red light, waits for it to turn green, then starts driving forward. Steve’s night suddenly changes as a driver coming from his left runs their red light and runs into the driver’s side door of Steve’s car. Time seems to slow down as Steve’s car spins from the impact, and the two vehicles come to a stop in the middle of the intersection.

The most important thing to do following an auto accident is to assess your injuries and those of any passengers in the car with you. The next step, if you are able, is to call the police and an ambulance. In Steve’s case, a driver’s side impact can be very serious, and he may not be able to access his cell phone. Hopefully the other driver, if aware, will notice that Steve cannot call for help and contact the authorities. Once they’ve arrived and everyone has been taken care of, it’s essential to take down each driver’s insurance information. After injuries have been taken care of and insurance information collected, it’s time to contact an auto accident attorney.

At Halpern & Associates, we’ve handled many cases like the one above, and always put the client first. As an auto accident attorney in Los Angeles, we’ll make sure that you receive fair compensation if you have to miss work due to injury, or amass large medical bills because of the accident. We’ll help get your car situation figured out as soon as possible, and work hard to recover all that you are owed. Contact our office today for more information.