Over the course of a day, most people will walk up and down a stairway, whether it’s the three steps off their front porch, or the twenty steps to the second floor of their office building. While your home stairs are your responsibility, the stairs in an office or public building are the responsibility of your employer or a management company. If you trip and fall down the stairs, it’s very possible that you could be seriously injured. Missing a step due to poor lighting or loose carpet can cause you to lose your balance and suffer broken bones, brain injuries, or worse. As a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, Halpern & Associates understands how dangerous stairways can be.

We’ve handled many slip and fall cases that involved stairs, and will help you put together the pieces of your case. If a loose step, random piece of debris, or spilled liquid caused you to fall, it’s important to find out why it was there, and whose responsibility it was to repair the step or clean up the debris. Once you know that, you can file a personal injury claim against the responsible party and work towards recovering compensation for your injuries.

Every stairway must be constructed to fit under certain building codes and regulations, and if they fail to meet those, the building management or owner could be subject to multiple lawsuits. The risk of falls is greater when stairs are not maintained, and if you’ve been injured going up or down the stairs, contact a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles today.