Since you spend the majority of your time at home and at work, the possibility of being injured in one of those places is higher than in some random spot around the city. When an injury happens at home or work, you have protocols in place to get help quickly. If you have to break your normal routine to go somewhere else, and you’re injured while you’re there, you might not be sure what to do. You may not have any friends or family nearby, but if the accident takes place within the state of California, Halpern & Associates in Los Angeles is ready to be your personal injury attorney.

We only practice personal injury law, so when you’re hurt while away from home, we know how to handle the legal process, no matter in what city or county you were when the accident happened. You may have tripped on an uneven sidewalk that a negligent owner had failed to fix for some time, or been struck by a falling object that someone had failed to secure. Hopefully witnesses were present when the injury occurred and someone called 911, but after your medical needs were addressed, you may not have been sure what to do. The best next step would be to have someone get you home safely, and then call us to discuss your personal injury case.

If you’ve been injured while traveling somewhere else in California, please contact Halpern & Associates right away. We’ll explain what your rights are and to what compensation you may be entitled. We know how to correctly handle personal injury claims, no matter where the accident occurred.