Slipping and falling in a public place can be embarrassing, but if you’re seriously injured, the last concern on anyone’s mind should be embarrassment. If you’re in a mall or department store, and slip and fall due to the negligence of a store employee or maintenance worker, it’s imperative that you have your injuries attended to, take pictures of the place where you fell, and interview any witnesses that saw you fall. As a slip and fall attorney in Los Angeles, we can use anything of importance to help you recover damages.

Interviewing witnesses might seem a bit daunting, and if you’re hurt, you might not be thinking about how important it is to find out what others saw. If you’re with someone you know, ask them to talk to the people that witnessed the accident, and if possible, have them record the witnesses with their cell phone. If a loose step or wet floor caused you to fall, take a picture of the area, detailing what led to your injuries. That type of evidence can go a long way in proving that a store or the management company was at fault, and that you are entitled to compensation for your slip and fall.

As your attorney, we’ll go through the steps of proving the responsible party’s negligence, and want you can expect in terms of compensation. Contact Halpern & Associates today to learn how we will represent you and handle your slip and fall case. We promise that you’ll be satisfied with our attention to detail and focus on your case.