commonquestionsHow much is my case worth?

Every case is different. There are many factors involved in each and every matter. It boils down to Liability and Damages. Was the other party at fault and what are your damages? However, it is not that simple. Within fault and damages, lie hundreds of other questions that need to be dissected to properly evaluate your case. Beware of attorneys that tell you what your case is worth before really knowing all the facts of your case, or even worse, imputing your information into a persona injury “calculator” on their website that will magically tell you your case worth.

In California, we have Contributory Negligence. This means that juries can assign percentages of negligence. For example, let say you are able to prove $100,000.00 dollars in damages at trial. And let’s say the jury thinks the other party is 90% at fault for the accident and that you were 10% at fault for the accident. In this scenario, you would actually recover only $90,000.00 dollars.

Identifying your damages is a big factor in figuring out your case worth. The key here is the seriousness of your injury. Some people have pain for a couple months and it goes away; other’s pain is unbearable to the point they require pain management for years. Others require surgery and lifelong care for their injuries. The more injured you are the more you need in medical treatment.  More doctors and procedures mean more billing and more billing means more damages. The more damages you can prove, the greater your case worth.

This is a simple explanation for a very complex question. There are many more factors involved in determining case worth such as loss of earnings, pain and suffering, future care, causation of your injuries, etc. Please contact us today for a FREE case evaluation.