Michael is having a great day! It’s Friday night, he just got paid, and he’s driving home to get ready for the night ahead. He’s driving his freshly washed and gleaming car down the road, feeling like a rock star. As the sun begins to set, he puts his car visor down, and his jam starts to play on the radio, setting the mood. He’s almost home, driving with the flow of traffic, and he crosses an intersection looking straight ahead. He suddenly sees black, hears a deafening crash, and feels his seat belt choke his body. The left side of the car smashes into his body, and he cannot feel his legs. He slowly starts to recover his vision, but is still disoriented about what just happened.

You get the picture. Michael is a victim of a devastating and life-changing automobile accident. What’s the worst part about it? Michael did nothing wrong.

Michael finds out later that the other car ran a red light while texting, making the other party responsible due to negligence. As an auto accident attorney in Los Angeles, we can help you make sense of your incident.


What now?

Here are some of the things that we will help you with immediately:

  • Most importantly, evaluate your injuries right away. Seek the proper medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Take care of contacting all insurance companies on your behalf right away, and we make sure we explain your entire insurance policy to you. We will also get the other party’s insurance information and let you know what is and what is not covered.
  • Make sure we get your car situation handled immediately. This means we will get an insurance adjuster out to see your car and pay for your damages as soon as possible. In the meantime, we will get you a rental and if not, calculate all the days you were without a car and get money for that later.
  • We will make sure we document all the time you miss from work so that we can recover fair compensation.
  • Treat you like our family because that is what we stand for.

You need a personal injury lawyer to help you through this process and someone that specializes in automobile accident cases. You need a lawyer that cares about you and communicates with you directly.

Halpern & Associates prides itself on its superior client experience policy. Our passion is in helping our clients return to the life they had before the accident. This is why we only practice personal injury law. We are here to help you through this process, step by step. We will guide you and keep you informed, so that you make the best possible decisions.

Click on our blog for a step-by-step process you can follow after your automobile accident, and remember that in California, you only have two years to file suit for your personal injuries.