First and foremost, if someone you know has died because of an accident, please accept our deepest condolences for your loss.

It’s important to state that from the beginning, because we know that no amount of money can ever bring back your loved one. This is a very difficult time for our clients and we want you to not have to worry about the little things.

We know we have never met you or your loved ones, but it is very important to us to state this now, before you have had the chance to even read about this particular subject. Rest assured that your feelings and emotions will be recognized by our entire staff. We greatly appreciate the fact you would trust us with carrying the burden of finding justice in your loved one’s honor.

As wrongful death attorneys, we have handled many tragic cases where a client’s loved one has been killed. The causes of death have been everything from motor vehicle accidents to wrongful police conduct. A wrongful death can also be caused by a defective product, a negligent surgeon, a negligent owner, or by intentional conduct.

A wrongful death claim in California is brought to court by the survivors of the deceased person, or the personal representative of the deceased person’s estate. The claim is filed for money damages, and these cases differ from criminal cases for homicide because in those cases, the claim is brought by the state and the guilty party is penalized with jail or prison time. Survivors can bring a civil wrongful death claim in court even if a criminal case is going forward at the same time.