1. Halpern Lawyer

    The Halpern name should be Synonymous with “Lawyer”. There are 10 Lawyers in the family and all working in Southern California. With hundreds of years in combined experience going back to the 1960’s, the Halpern’s have earned the respect of Angelinos and recovered millions of dollars for their clients. The Halperns have built a prestigious name in the Legal Community.  As such, Halpern &a…Read More


    Most motorcycle riders respect the laws and proceed with caution when riding their bikes. The problem with motorcycles in general is that they are less visible and hence more vulnerable. And although one can take every precaution, motorcycle accidents and deaths are more and more common every day in America. There are more than 75% more motorcycles registered in America in the last 10 years. In 20…Read More

  3. Were You Injured While Away From Home?

    Since you spend the majority of your time at home and at work, the possibility of being injured in one of those places is higher than in some random spot around the city. When an injury happens at home or work, you have protocols in place to get help quickly. If you have to break your normal routine to go somewhere else, and you’re injured while you’re there, you might not be sure what to do. …Read More

  4. Live a Normal Life Following a Serious Injury

    Serious injuries that cause disfigurements, internal bodily damage, and lead to amputations are certainly going to have lifelong consequences for the affected person or persons. While it is unpleasant to think about, those that have suffered a serious injury face a very long, very hard uphill battle. At Halpern & Associates, we want to help personal injury victims live a normal and comfortable…Read More

  5. Don’t Face an Uncertain Future Because of an Injury

    A serious injury that has left a person disfigured, impaired, or with internal organ issues, will often create uncertainty for that person’s future. They’re not sure if they’ll ever walk or drive again, or enjoy the things they loved to do. At Halpern & Associates, we don’t want any of our clients to face an uncertain future and that’s why, as a personal injury attorney, we do all we…Read More

  6. Do You Have Grounds for a Personal Injury Case?

    When you're involved in an accident, whether it's at work, at home, or in public, your first priority should always be attending to your injuries and seeking medical attention. After that, you can take the time to assess what led to the accident, and whether or not someone else was at fault. As a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, we've met with plenty of clients that felt unsure that they h…Read More

  7. Who Caused Your Bicycle Accident?

    Riding your bike, especially in a big city like Los Angeles, can help you save time and money, since you don’t have to rely on public transportation or buy gas for your car every week. However, with such a large number of vehicles on the roads and freeways, it’s important to be aware when riding your bike through traffic. At Halpern & Associates, we’ve handled many personal injury cases …Read More

  8. Stairway Falls Can Be Very Dangerous

    Over the course of a day, most people will walk up and down a stairway, whether it's the three steps off their front porch, or the twenty steps to the second floor of their office building. While your home stairs are your responsibility, the stairs in an office or public building are the responsibility of your employer or a management company. If you trip and fall down the stairs, it's very possib…Read More

  9. An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

    After you've suffered an injury that was caused by the recklessness or negligence of another person, you most likely have many matters that need to be addressed. If you were seriously injured, you want the very best doctors to treat you, and if you have to learn how to walk or use your arms again, you want the very best physical therapists to work with you. When it comes to your injury case, it on…Read More