1. Did a Wet Floor Cause You to Slip and Fall?

    In any slip and fall case, it must be proven that the property owner or management knew that a dangerous condition existed and did not act appropriately to remove the risk of a slip or trip. Everything from uneven sidewalks to wet floors can pose serious risks, and if a manager or owner doesn’t post the proper signage or clean up a spill in a timely manner, they leave the door open to someone be…Read More

  2. Crowded Shopping Malls Pose Definite Slip and Fall Hazards

    Now that Thanksgiving is behind us and the December holidays are fast approaching, more and more people will be heading to their local mall to find those perfect gifts. Stores are decorated with festive lights and colors, and people are hurrying here and there to find that next present. While the holidays are supposed to be fun and bright, there is an increased risk of slip and fall accidents duri…Read More

  3. Proving a Negligence Tort in Your Slip and Fall Case

    As defined by Merriam-Webster, a tort is “an action that wrongly causes harm to someone, but that is not a crime and that is dealt with in a civil court.” As a slip and fall attorney in Los Angeles, it is our job to prove a negligence tort in all of our injury cases, showing that someone’s lack of care or irresponsibility led to our client’s injury. A slip and fall case is handled in civil…Read More

  4. Interview Witnesses of Your Slip and Fall Accident

    Slipping and falling in a public place can be embarrassing, but if you're seriously injured, the last concern on anyone's mind should be embarrassment. If you're in a mall or department store, and slip and fall due to the negligence of a store employee or maintenance worker, it's imperative that you have your injuries attended to, take pictures of the place where you fell, and interview any witnes…Read More

  5. Did Your Slip and Fall Accident Lead to a Brain Injury?

    A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere at any time, and while some accidents can be blamed on personal negligence, there are many instances where the negligence of another leads to an injury. In some cases, an individual receives a traumatic brain injury and their life is dramatically changed. As a slip and fall attorney in Los Angeles, Halpern & Associates understands the severity of a …Read More