He is such a good attorney.

My wife was very sad because her prior attorney told her he could not continue with her case, and just like that she didn’t have a case anymore. We were left out in the cold and she was still very injured; we were losing hope and didn’t know where to turn. It occurred to me to look in a magazine where many attorneys advertise. I called several attorneys and explained our situation. Not one said they could win this case and that it was too difficult. Finally, I called Jason and talked to him about our case, for a very long time; he answered me on his cell phone by the way. He told me that in his opinion we did have a case and that we needed to file a lawsuit immediately, and to trust him. Thank god and thank him; my wife has since received much more than we ever anticipated. He is such a good attorney. He is not a just good attorney, but a good person. He is our attorney and friend for life.

Louis Langdon