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As personal injury attorneys, we work tirelessly to achieve the very best results for our clients. Below are a few examples of cases we’ve won:



Construction Accident $5,000,000.00 – Client was rendered paraplegic after falling while working on building

Construction Accident $250,000.00 – Client fractured both feet after falling from scaffold

Prop 213 $100,000.00 – Recovery for a client with no insurance.

UM claim – $250,000.00 – Recivery for Underinsured Motorist claim.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $690,000.00 – Police Chase that led to Accident with our client

Stairway Fall$1,000,000.00 Plaintiff slipped and fell walking down stairs at her apartment building, injuring her lower back and tailbone area. Following years of physical therapy, pain management, and epidural shots, plaintiff underwent back surgery. Plaintiff argued the stairs were not code compliant and lacked skid-resistant tape. After several years of litigation and an initial offer of just $10,000.00, defendant agreed to our policy limit demand of one million dollars.

Slip and Fall –  $350,000.00 Plaintiff slipped and fell on orange juice, injuring her right shoulder.

Serious Injury Premises Liability$400,000.00 Plaintiff was assaulted by the on-duty manager at the defendant’s car wash.

Wrongful Death$550,000.00 Unreasonable use of force, resulting in wrongful death.

Motor Vehicle Accident$300,000.00 Low impact vehicle accident resulting in back injury

Grocery Store Accident$665,000.00 Slip-and-fall accident that caused premature delivery of a baby with an injury.

Motorcycle Accident – $250,000.00 Vehicle rear ends motorcycle causing Plaintiff to lose control, fall, and injured knee.

Professional Negligence – $1,350,000.00 Negligent discharge of hospital patient leading patient to jump off a building and cause multiple injuries including partial blindness.

Trip and Fall  – $900,000.00  Our client tripped on a table leg in a classroom.

Motorcycle Accident- $250,000.00 Car making a left turn side swiped our client.

Slip and Fall – $337,500.00 Slip and Fall at Buffet style restaurant.

Motorcycle Accident – $250,000.00 Our client was rear ended by vehicle.

  • These are just recent settlements and results that we have obtained. Please see our blog, newsletter, and/or call us for more case result information.