A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere at any time, and while some accidents can be blamed on personal negligence, there are many instances where the negligence of another leads to an injury. In some cases, an individual receives a traumatic brain injury and their life is dramatically changed. As a slip and fall attorney in Los Angeles, Halpern & Associates understands the severity of a brain injury, and will fight to help you or a loved one receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

In many of the brain injury cases that we’ve handled, it’s been proven that a business or on-duty employee was at fault for our client’s slip and fall. A misplaced “Wet Floor” sign or inadequate signage for an uneven stair step or drop off led to the client’s fall, and the negligent party was held responsible. We’ve taken on accident cases that have happened in office lobbies, grocery stores, and movie theaters, and will manage your situation with care and compassion.

With a slip and fall case, there are four areas of Negligence law that you must prove to recover damages:

  • Duty – the responsible party had a duty to keep the property safe
  • Breach – the responsible party failed to fulfill this duty
  • Causation – the breach of duty caused the slip and fall, as well as your injuries
  • Damages – an itemized list of injuries you have suffered, as well as medical expenses, lost income, etc.

There are other areas that we will cover during your initial legal consultation, and we promise that we will do everything we can to properly represent you.