grocerystoreThe majority of the slip and fall cases that we handle happen in a local grocery store. For some reason, grocery stores and supermarkets just don’t get it. These businesses have a legal duty to keep their stores reasonably clean for the protection of the public and their own employees. Yet most of the time in our cases, there is evidence that an employee either caused a dangerous condition to exist, or failed to properly clean the floors within reasonable time standards. This is another piece of the Negligence Law puzzle previously discussed (see our Slip and Fall section!)

Were you injured at a grocery store or supermarket?

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Here are some examples of the cases we have handled (names changed for privacy):

  • Bree slipped and fell on orange juice that was on the floor for an unreasonable amount of time. She injured her shoulder and required surgery. We were able to prove that employees behind the deli counter should have seen the juice and cleaned it. This case settled for nearly half a million dollars.
  • Sally was hurt when an unsecured 10-pound roll of plastic bags fell on top of her hand and fractured her thumb. We won her trial.
  • Heather was pregnant, and when walking down the aisle at her local grocery store, she stepped on some sticky candy. This caused her shoe to get stuck on the floor. She tripped, fell forward, and landed on her stomach. She was rushed to the hospital, where she gave premature birth to her child; the poor baby was born mentally challenged. Because of the pure emotional tragedy, this was one of the toughest cases we’ve handled. However, these circumstances fueled us to fight and continue fighting to the end. Though it was a very tough case due to the causation element of negligence, we recovered a substantial amount of money for Heather and her family.
  • Mary was simply walking through the grocery store exit when one of the large hundred pound sliding doors fell on top of her! Can you believe this? The actual door came off of its hinges and fell on top of our poor client. Yes, we won this case easily and recovered all of her damages.
  • Countless slip and falls happen with spilled fruit and vegetables in the produce section, and the spills are not cleaned up in a timely manner.
  • We have handled numerous cases where water was leaking from the freezer section, generally caused from a faulty refrigerator that leaks from the bottom. These cases are easier to prove negligence on behalf of the grocery store because the store actually created the dangerous condition.
  • Hundreds of other cases involving slip and falls in grocery stores with a 98% success rate.

What to do if you have been injured in a grocery store:

  1. Call for a manager and take pictures and video of the area where you fell in his or her presence.
  2. Do not let them clean up the area where you fell before you get a chance to document it, film it, take pictures of it, or pull an independent witness over to see it.
  3. Makes sure the store manager fills out and gives you a copy of an incident report.
  4. Ask for medical attention if necessary.
  5. Look for independent witnesses to your fall. The more you can find, the better.
  6. Ask that the manager keep all surveillance video and state that request in the incident report.

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